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Myers S.H., Poppi L., Rinaldi F., Veronesi M., Ciamarone A., Previtali V., Bagnolini G., Schipani F., Ortega Martinez J.A., Girotto S., et al.
An 19F NMR fragment-based approach for the discovery and development of BRCA2-RAD51 inhibitors to pursuit synthetic lethality in combination with PARP inhibition in pancreatic cancer
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 265
Bassi P.R.A.S., Dertkigil S.S.J., Cavalli A.
Improving deep neural network generalization and robustness to background bias via layer-wise relevance propagation optimization
Nature Communications, vol. 15, (no. 1)
Poppi L., Myers S.H., Previtali V., Rinaldi F., Farabegol F., Di Stefano G., Walsh N., Roberti M., Cavalli A.
A RAD51/BRCA2 small molecule inhibitor enhances the antineoplastic effect of the PARPi talazoparib in pancreatic cancer

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